Get Better Starts & Win More Races!

The Essential App for Sailboat Racing
Pathfinder helps you sail smarter by providing better on-the-water decision support and post-race analysis

  • Race-time screens provide input to your starts, boat speed, wind trends, and current trends – right on your iPhone or iPad
  • Post-race virtual replay and analysis give you feedback and insight to improve your sailing performance

The Pathfinder app works by connecting with, and extending, your existing sailing instruments. Learn more.

Time Your Starts More Accuratly

Take the guesswork out of starting by understanding burn times and whether you're late or too early on your start

Hit Your Target Speeds & Target Wind Angles Faster

Get up to speed faster by comparing your speed and wind angle to your polar targets

Improve Performance with Race Replay & Analysis

View replays of your race with recorded performance metrics and analysis to see where you can improve