Pathfinder Sailing was started by two lifelong sailors with a passion for racing.

We started this business to provide racing sailors with an innovative way to improve their on-the-water performance using a Smartphone. The Pathfinder app is a simple, user-friendly tool for extending your existing race instruments to improve situational awareness about your boat’s performance. The service also provides high-fidelity race replay and post-race performance analysis.

Ted Wilson

Ted Wilson

Ted has been racing actively since college where he raced dinghies. During a career in the semiconductor and software industries, he raced actively on an amateur level winning several national championships as both a helmsman and tactician. He is actively sailing in the J105 class as a tactician in San Francisco.

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Peter King

Peter is a professional navigator, having sailed with some of the top programs in the US, UK, and Europe. He works as a marine electronics consultant with expertise in racing instruments, electronics, and Expedition software.


Tom Lubinski

Tom Lubinski is the Senior Technical Advisor at Pathfinder Sailing. He previously founded SL Corporation was the company’s president and CEO for 37 years. He was instrumental in developing SL’s Graphical Modeling System software and Enterprise RTView, a real-time monitoring, analytics and visualization platform and was involved in thousands of successful customer deployments of real-time visibility solutions.