Race Logging

The Pathfinder Sailing app provides high-fidelity logging and stores your boat’s sailing data on your mobile phone. After the race, it automatically syncs to the Cloud. The data is then used to provide:

  • Individual Boat Race Replay
  • Fleet Race Replay
  • Performance analysis
race log example

Race Replay

The Pathfinder Race Replay provides a replay of your boat’s race with your recorded performance metrics. All boats in your fleet using the Pathfinder App will also appear in your race replay, so you can compare course strategy and performance. Races are stored in your profile in the Cloud and can easily be shared.

  • Your boat’s GPS location information and dozens of metrics obtained from your instruments are shown over the map.
  • View your individual boat’s track and performance and compare them to other boats in your fleet.

To view your recorded races, just log into your Pathfinder web app from any device.