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Welcome to Pathfinder Sailing! After working for more than a year on our new sailboat racing app, we’re excited to launch it finally!

Why Pathfinder? We feel there are often information gaps between what our racing instruments provide us and what we need to know on the racecourse, in real-time, to make good decisions.

  • Professional sailors have access to software applications like Expedition, but amateur sailors rarely use it on the race course. Amateur sailors want access to the same kinds of information but in a more accessible format. The Pathfinder iPhone app integrates with your instruments and saves 40 – 50 metrics per second to the phone app. By doing this, we can provide insights into improving your starts, sailing at a higher level of performance once the race has started, and better understanding the wind shifts and effects of tidal currents on your boat.
  • The second gap we are addressing is race replay. By storing the detailed metrics derived from your racing instruments, we can provide unparalleled race replay details versus other tracking apps that rely solely on your iPhone GPS.
  • Sailors want to track their performance with analysis tools to understand better where to focus to improve their racing results.

We hope you’ll try the app and let us know what you think.

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