Rhizogen® LF+M

Liquid Biological Soil Amendment

Premium Concentration Liquid Biological Soil Amendment

Microbes BioSciences Rhizogen® LF+M liquid is an eco-friendly liquid microbial amendment that supports soil and plant health in all major ornamental plants, shade, fruit trees, ornamental trees, and tropical plants. The product enables growers to:

    • improve soil biodiversity and plant health
    • reduce the use of fertilizers
    • enable water conservation

Rhizogen® LF+M liquid is an extra-highly concentrated, liquid microbial amendment intended for uses such as:

    • botanical gardens and arboreta
    • Master Gardeners’ landscape works
    • plantings designed by landscape architects
    • public gardens
    • landscapes of government facilities, historic properties, business campuses, universities and public gardens
    • residences with intensively tended landscaping and plantings

Product Detail

Rhizogen® LF+M liquid contains seven strains of soil-enhancing Bacillus bacteria and four strains of Mycorrhizal fungi.  We use the same strains of bacteria and Mycorrhizal fungi as in our SoilCure® product line but at concentrations several times higher.  Rhizogen® LF+M liquid acts on the plant rhizosphere to create a beneficial environment for meristem root growth. The increased soil biodiversity encouraged by Rhizogen® LF+M liquid allows for enhanced organic mineralization, plant nutrient uptake, and photosynthesis.

Rhizogen® LF+M contains only naturally occurring strains of bacteria and Mycorrhizal fungi isolated from the environment.  We scientifically formulate this product to accelerate fertilizer plant uptake, nutrient mineralization, and ion exchanges in the soil.

Microbes BioSciences manufactures all of its products in its state-of-the-art facilities using our bioreactors.  Our hallmarks are microbe fermentations that yield extremely high concentrations of microbes that exhibit high vitality. Benefits of these high concentrations include increased and more rapid root colonization and a greater and more rapid impact on promoting the growth of indigenous soil and rhizosphere microbes.

Rhizogen® LF+M liquid is extra-highly concentrated to provide a number of benefits.

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Benefits of High Concentrations in Stable Form

  • Faster soil colonization
  • Greater number of microorganisms in a single application and therefore faster response of the plant.
  • The spaces occupied by soil pathogens have less opportunity to multiply and occupy it.
  • Being able to use a lower dose of product Ideal Product to diluted or blended with other elements ( humic acid, fertilizers, fulvic acid, carboxylic acids) due to its high concentration.
  • A highly concentrated product accentuates Mechanisms of Action against Pathogens
    • Through Antibiosis
    • Competition
    • Siderophore
    • Induced systemic resistance (ISR)

Rhizogen® LF+M liquid is extra-highly concentrated to provide a number of benefits.

Rhizogen® LF+M liquid is extra-highly concentrated to provide a number of benefits.

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How does Rhizogen® LF+M support soil health and plant growth?

  • Improves soil through greater biodiversity
  • Increases crop yield and quality
  • Allows reduced reliance on other agricultural inputs such as chemical fertilizers
  • Introduces necessary essential soil bacteria and replenishes colonies after herbicide and fungicide use
  • Establishes beneficial Mycorrhizal fungi associations
  • Exploits the synergistic effects of combining plant growth-promoting beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi
  • Accelerates soil mineralization for greater nutrient and N-P-K uptake
  • Solubilizes plant nutrients in organic form, increasing plant availability and uptake
  • Enables uptake of nutrients from outside the plant rhizosphere
  • Suitable for organic food production
  • Environmentally sound: non-toxic and no harmful runoff
  • Rhizogen® LF+M can be applied in-furrow, as a root or seedling dip, blended with liquid fertilizers and amendments, impregnated onto dry fertilizers and amendments, as a side dress, by drip irrigation, and in hydroponic and other controlled environment agriculture settings.
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Product Sheet

Rhizogen LF+M

Front Label

Front Label

For a specific crop recommendation or to view the product’s back label with product details, please email us at info@microbesbio.com.