Microbes BioSciences Products

Microbes BioSciences is an industry leader in translational science for new discoveries and a robust pipeline of new products.

MicrobesBio offers a number of biological amendments and biostimuants targeted for each stage of plant life.


A good start is critical for a healthy crop growth cycle.

Beneficial soil microbes create a fertile soil environment through enhanced nutrition,
improved structure, hormonal stimulation, disease protection, and abiotic stress
tolerance – all of which contribute to better germination rates and vigorous early
seedling growth in crops. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced nutrient availability
  • Improved soil structure
  • Hormone production
  • Pathogen suppression
  • Improved stress tolerance
  • Synergistic effects

Products supporting the Germination lifecycle:


Beneficial microorganisms create optimal soil conditions for maximizing the vegetative growth stage leading to healthier, more robust plants with well-developed root systems and shoots. Products supporting the Vegetative lifecycle:

  • SoilCure®
  • Soil K BIO®
  • SoilCure® NPK
  • SoilCure® A+


Beneficial microorganisms foster optimal soil fertility and plant health required for the sensitive flowering phase, resulting in prolific, successful blooming that converts into maximum seed or fruit production in crops. Benefits include:

  • Earlier flowering
  • Increased flower number
  • Bigger blooms
  • Enhanced pollination
  • Reduced flower abortion
  • Abiotic stress protection
  • Seed/fruit development

Products supporting the Flowering lifecycle:

  • SoilCure®
  • Soil K BIO®
  • SoilCure® NPK
  • SoilCure® A+


Beneficial microorganisms are critical for maximizing productivity at the fruiting stage by enhancing:

  • Fruit quantity
  • Fruit quality
  • Flavor
  • Shelf life in crops
  • Increased fruit set
  • Bigger fruit size
  • Higher yields
  • Enhanced flavor
  • Disease resistance
  • Reduced fruit drop
  • Extended shelf life
  • Water stress tolerance

Products supporting the Fruiting lifecycle:

  • Soil K BIO®
  • SoilCure® NPK
  • SoilCure® A+
MicrobesBio products are manufactured with state-of-the art bio-reactors, such as the New Brunswick 150L, for cultivating cell cultures


Eco-friendly soil amendment and bio stimulant enhances Bacillus bacteria

Soil K-BIO

Support crops and other plants with high potassium needs

Rhizogen ENDO™ DE

Beneficial microbes and mycorrhiza fungi

Rhizogen® LF+M

Support soil and plant health in ornamental plants, shade, fruit trees, and others

SoilCure® BLUE

Liquid amendment specially formulated for blueberries

SoilCure® NPK

OMRI-listed soil amendment and biostimulant

SoilCure® A+

OMRI-listed soil amendment and biostimulant