Granular Microbial Fertilizer

Rhizogen® brings novel agriculture products to the market with high-performance true granular, microbial fertilizers that enhance agriculture growth across a variety of applications. Our patented fertilizers contain billions of beneficial microbes plus mycorrhiza fungi which collectively increase soil biodiversity and enhance overall plant growth and yield.

Rhizogen fertilizer stimulates plant roots and crop growth. Our beneficial microbes function in the plant rhizosphere to aid in the uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other essential nutrients.   

Rhizogen currently offers a select line of patented organic-certified granular microbial fertilizers. We look forward to discussing your soil and crop needs.

Benefits of Using Rhizogen

  • Maximizes Yield Potential and Increases Profitability
  • Improves Nutrient Uptake
  • Creates Larger Root Biomass
  • Increases Foliage
  • Enhances Plant Vigor
  • Increase Bloom Count
  • Boosts Productivity
Rhizogen treatment USDA trial
USDA Field Trials indicate 45% yield improvement in sweet corn yield