Rhizogen ENDO™ DE

High Concentration Mycorrhizae

Rhizogen ENDO™ DE makes beneficial associations between the fungus and plant roots to:

  • promote better phosphorus and potassium absorption
  • increased root growth
  • healthier soils
  • greater yield

Product Description

Rhizogen ENDO is a powdered soil amendment that is used to promote heathier plant roots. The mycorrhizal spores germinate in the soil and product filaments (hyphae) which enter into root cells. This association allows the formulation of an intra and extra-radical network of filaments that explore the soil and access more nutrients and water.

The product is compatible with most liquid fertilizers and soil amendments. it can be applied with mechanized sprinkler equipment, with backpack-type manual sprinklers and with fertigation devices.

Benefits of using Rhizogen ENDODE

  • Improved nutrient uptake – establishes a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, helping plants take up more water and nutrients, phosphorous, and potassium
  • Increased drought tolerance – the improved nutrient absorption also improves drought tolerance in plants
  • Better growth and yields – with improved nutrient uptake, plants typically show better growth rates and higher yields
  • Improved soil structure – filaments help bind soil particles together and improve soil aggregation
  • Environmentally friendly – the inoculant provides benefits without chemical fertilizers or pesticides
  • Works across a broad range of plant species – associations are formed with over 80% of plant families
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Hyphae filaments increase access to more nutrients and water

Rhizogen ENDO™ Product Sheet

Rhizogen ENDO DE image

Rhizogen ENDO DE Front Label

Rhizogen Endo front label

Rhizogen ENDO Front Label

For a specific crop recommendation or to view the product’s back label with product details, please email us at info@microbesbio.com.