Soil K-BIO™

Liquid Biological Soil Amendment

Soil K-BIO™ is a  liquid biological amendment product that supports soil and plant health. The soil  health-enhancing bacteria acts upon a plant’s rhizosphere to solubilize organic potassium for easier uptake by plants.

Soik K-BIO provides a number of benefits:


Fertilizer Impact

  • Improved nutrient uptake through hormonal interactions
  • Nitrogen Fixation
  • Mineralization and Solubilization
  • Improve rhizosphere microorganisms
  • Promotes better cation exchange
  • Demonstrated to solubilize organic phosphate and potassium
  • Carries the genes involved in nitrogen xation

Abiotic Stress Impact:

  • Improves Soil Biodiversity and Plant Health
  • Increases Crop Yield
  • Reduces Use of Fertilizers
  • Enables Water Conservation

Bio-Stimulant Impact

  • Root hair promoting peptides
  • Promoter of the plants ́own defense mechanisms
  • Supports in regulating ethylene production * Increases root and shoot lengths
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Product Sheet

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Front Label

Front Label

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