Agriculture and Crop Protection

Microbes BioSciences has the capability and interest to custom manufacture biologicals to meet the needs and demands of certain markets prone to specific disease problems.  We believe that the diversity of the bacterial clones stored in our freezer bank allows for custom formulations specific to targeted pathogens and non-beneficial microbials in the soil.

Ear of corn

We customize formulate biologicals to meet customer demands of ag products and ag chemical companies that wish to market products under their own brand names. We also custom formulate specialty biological products. We can formulate:

  • Broad spectrum general purpose biostimulants
  • Targeted biostimulants to meet particular nutrient or other needs of particular crop genres or species
  • Targeted biostimulants suitable for particular soil conditions
  • Products for use in various types of controlled environment agriculture
  • Biopesticides for soil-borne pathogens
  • Biopesticides for foliar application

Our extensive scientific knowledge of plant microbiology and plant-microbial interactions have enabled us to develop and produce award winning custom formulations. We can formulate products from the bacteria (clones) stored in our freezer bank, from third party species banks, or by isolating particular strains from plant root environments. The diversity of the bacterial (clones) stored in our freezer bank allows for development of formulations having specific plant growth promoting properties and methods of action or to target particular pathogens and non-beneficial microbials in the soil.


Microbes Biosciences can formulate biological solutions to solve industry-specific problems like paraffin control, enhanced oil recovery, bioremediation, and control of sulfate-reducing bacteria.

We welcome the opportunity to resolve your particular problem through an eco-friendly and efficient biological approach.