SoilCure ENDO®

Liquid Biological Soil Amendment

SoilCure ENDO® is a premium liquid microbial product that promotes soil health and fertility that has evolved through 30 years of experience working closely with growers. It is specially formulated to encourage soil and plant health in all major commodity crops, vegetables, and grasses.

SoilCure ENDO:

    • Improves Soil Biodiversity and Plant Health
    • Increases Crop Yield
    • Reduces Use of Fertilizers
    • Enables Water Conservation

Product Description

SoilCure ENDO is a liquid microbial amendment containing soil enhancing Bacillus bacteria and Mycorrhizal fungi. SoilCure acts on the plant rhizosphere to create a beneficial environment for meristem root growth. The increased soil biodiversity encouraged by SoilCure ENDO® allows for enhanced organic mineralization, plant nutrient uptake and photosynthesis. SoilCure ENDO® bacteria are naturally derived from the environment and are scientifically formulated to accelerate fertilizer plant uptake, nutrient mineralization and ion exchanges in the soil.

Microbes BioSciences manufactures all of its biological in its in-house, state-of-the art bioreactor to extremely high concentrations.

How does SoilCure ENDO® support soil health and plant growth?

  • Improves soil through greater biodiversity
  • Increases crop yield and quality
  • Allows reduced reliance on other agricultural inputs such as chemical fertilizers
  • Introduces necessary essential soil bacteria and replenishes colonies after herbicide and fungicide use
  • Establishes beneficial Mycorrhizal fungi associations
  • Exploits the synergistic effects of combining plant growth-promoting beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi
  • Accelerates soil mineralization for greater nutrient and N-P-K uptake
  • Solubilizes plant nutrients in organic form, increasing plant availability and uptake
  • Enables uptake of nutrients from outside the plant rhizosphere
  • Suitable for organic food production
  • Environmentally sound: non-toxic and no harmful runoff

SoilCure ENDO can be blended with liquid fertilizers and amendments and impregnated onto dry fertilizers.

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The bacterial population in SoilCure ENDO enhances root hair growth and elongation.

Untreated Grass Root
SoilCure ENDO-treated Grass Root


SoilCure ENDO TechSheet (.pdf)
SoilCure ENDO label